The project, under development, of the indoor "greenhouse" derives from the synthesis of form, technology and agronomy.

Designed with a contemporary and original design, elegant and basic, measured and solid, it is a technologically advanced project.


The greenhouse allows you to grow plants in an indoor, controlled and controlled way.


The structure, made of wood, appropriately protected and treated, in order to prevent any cause of deterioration of the material by contact with water and / or pathogens, has a motor based on LED sources, able to emit light energy at lengths of wave different.


In this context of flexibility, both the microclimate and the light energy can be optimized and calibrated according to the needs of the plant that is to be grown, so as to guarantee the desired crop in any season and at any latitude.



Additionally, by a dedicated online platform, it is possible to acquire and share information and system parameters for the growth of each specific plant.

The “serra tecnlologica” is designed to be modular and adaptable, in terms of size and technology, to the different needs of the context and the user, which can be represented by the individual user and groups of users, like a small communities; and is suitable for different contexts, not just the domestic one,

For example  offices, spaces for the community: as schools and cultural centers.