The goal of the project, under development, is to design and develop a line of forniture, intended for education environments, mainly in wood, with a high technological and innovative content.


The newness stems from the reflections about the correlations between the spaces of architecture and the innovation of the teaching method, which put the student at the center of the learning processes and methodologies.


The project involves experts and competences belonging to different sectors, mainly to production, planning, training and communication; hence the close collaboration agreement with FOQUS Quartieri Spagnoli Foundation.


The genesis of the project is multidisciplinary and derives from the interaction, therefore, of several factors.


First of all, the need to equip the new learning spaces, as identified by the Educational Avant-gardes, in according to the renewed needs, so that the "basic" components of the teaching environment, such as a chair – a desk – a tenure are not only insufficient but even inadequate.


The furnishing elements of educational spaces are conceived with a new and potential role in learning processes and methodologies; they contribute to the definition of educational work and to meet higher standards of internal comfort: improvement of the quality of space and its perception by users.


From this premise, the project moves the steps towards the design of a furniture line mainly characterized by:


- quality and originality of design;


- technological innovation and materials;


- environmental, economic and social sustainability