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Sector: quality beach property/resort establishments




Eco-sustainability and eco-compatibility




Flexibility of the furniture / equipment


Design quality








BLU is a "floating bathing module" in Siberian larch (larix sibirica) and aims to reinterpret in an original way how people can enjoy the benefits of the beach, directly on the acquatic surface: the desire for a unique and exclusive experience , in line with all the features of the luxury beach system. BLU is part of a rapidly evolving context: that of the luxury beach system, which is part of the wider ambit of luxury tourism, a refined and wisely measured tourist context, equipped with every comfort, technologically advanced, hyper-connected; in pursuing the objective of satisfying the psycho-physical wellbeing of the guests, he approaches eco-frendly philosophy and sustainable living, typical of those who want to enjoy the nature, far from the noise and stress of the urban dimension.


The goal of BLU is to make available to the user a small place of peace and relax in which to be lulled by the waves in absolute privacy. Immersed in an exclusive context, far from the coast, in front of the seaside beaches. Careful and sensitive to the ecosystem that host  it, in line with the latest trends in sustainable architecture, BLU does not give up to guarantee high comfort and relaxation to guests, in total respect for their privacy and in perfect balance with nature. The installation of the unit in context will take in consideration, from time to time, specific aspects and variables related to the naturalistic peculiarities of the site, orienting to a perfect integration with it. BLUE able to integrate itself into nature, becomes part of it and, from the balance with the landscape, it enhances its beauty and balance.






The BLU floating beach module consists of two parts, made of friendly materials and technologies, each strongly characterized by its own specificity, so distinct:


a submerged part, with characteristics typical of naval engineering, that gives it stability and buoyancy, respecting the strictest safety regulations at sea. Moreover, BLU is designed to be transported by the shipyard by road, directly to the destination site; the dimensions have been weighted ensuring the transportability and the economic efficiency of the movement of the product. Ensuring that the module can be easily assembled on site and transported wherever required by the client, is the essential prerogative to ensure a sustainable distribution and management of the product, with a view to rationalizing the industrial process;


and an emerged part, which is inspired by the design of nautical furnishings, in which small spaces and ergonomic shapes become the most important parts of user comfort design; from the two sunbathing areas on the wooden plank platform, the descent into the sea is via a steel ladder, to make it as smooth as possible. A symmetrical arrangement of the equipment was adopted, taking into account their impact on the stability of the module, ensuring a uniform load distribution.