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Between the silence of nature and the barely perceptible sounds, in the heart of the woods and parks, there is the Green Sound Wood project: an "object" entirely made of wood, perfectly integrated into the landscape. The megaphone is an acoustic instrument with a truncated conical or prismatic shape, provided with embouchure, able to amplify the sounds, increasing their sound perception. Thanks to its peculiar form and material conformation it succeeds, in the interval of the most common frequencies of the sounds of the forest and animals, positioned according to inclinations and appropriate distances, to collect them, amplify them and make them better perceivable as sweet music, without altering the silence and the balances of nature. Furthermore, a model of the GSW is being tested which, through the integration of an electronic device with audio amplification, is able to pick up also signals in the field of ultrasound, frequencies with which some animal species communicate, making the experience of the unique Green Sound Wood and therefore protected by industrial property rights. The visitors, inside the GSW, can sit, lie down, rest and meanwhile listen to the concert orchestrated by the sounds of the forest. An experience of intimate and suggestive listening: made of leaves moved by the wind, the roar of the water, even imperceptible verses and the fauna present.




The Green Sound Wood loudspeaker (minimum height 0.85 m / height max 2.30 m - length 2.75 m), entirely in wood , in the frame and in the internal and external lining, is well integrated in all the natural contexts in which it will be installed: forests, woods and near courses and pools of water. in the basic model made of Siberian larch wood veneer (larix sibirica), It is particularly resistant to the action of atmospheric ,in the other available woods too. As mentioned, the megaphone, built with the natural material par excellence, will be integrated an electronic device with audio amplification, to receive the sounds of the animals in the ultrasonic frequencies. This device, designed and built to work outdoors, captures animal signals in the ultrasonic field, and through a loudspeaker, amplifies them and makes them perceptible to the human ear.





The sub-structure, in lamellar fir wood, develops for a length of 2.75m in 5 concentric warps in the transverse direction in the shape of a decagon that connect the 10 in the longitudinal direction to the rectilinear axis. Each decagon is characterized in the corners by suitable stiffening nodes: the smaller one has an internal width of 0.60m, the widest one of 2.10m.


The wooden covering, available in various types of wood, closes the substructure, on the inside and outside part of the megaphone; made of 28 mm thick rectilinear elements, planed and impregnated with specific water based products, it is particularly resistant to the action of atmospheric agents. Each side of the 5 concentric decagons is delimited by 6 rectilinear elements, suitably shaped and tapered to guarantee their delimitation. In addition, the two closure decagons, the smaller one and the larger one of the five, are further covered with 20mm larch elements, such as to create a frame.