"Adopt a country"

a.s. 2016/2017


From the encouraging results of the School-Work Alternation path, the company decided to stipulate, in July 2016, a partnership agreement with the "A.M. Maffucci" Higher Education Institute for the realization of the activities proposed in the Viva School Program.

This program is the tool with which the Campania Region allows selected schools to expand the training offer and open up to the territory with planned afternoon activities.

The project proposal of the "AM Maffucci" Institute was considered worthy of funding and therefore the teaching activity as a design expert with knowledge of the systems of industrial work organization was assigned to the start-up, within the activities of the Module "At school to design and produce: from sketch to furniture".

In order to involve the most varied groups of pupils, students from different classes and school addresses participated in the activities, in which the start-up was involved.

Thus the school becomes a laboratory for the making of a design team.

Here are the project themes proposed to the students:

1. Elements of outdoor furniture:

bench / planter / trash bin for outdoor spaces;

2. Temporary exhibition module _ MET, for public events.

Inside the school dedicated to graphics and design, the students were able to develop the projects: from the elaboration of the ideational proposal to the graphic 2d / 3d rendering of the object, with the comparison and support of the teachers, co-teachers and tutor.

Among the themes developed by the students, the start-up will choose which one to produce the prototype which will then be placed at the Municipalities that have joined the project, identifying a marketing network that will allow dissemination and promotion in the local area.

IWT-Iavarone Wood Technology Srl wants to participate in the ongoing process with which the school, as per national and regional directives, aims to become a cultural center for the community, open and flexible, in which culture, participation and social cohesion can converge;

a point of reference for the whole territory, especially for inland areas, subject to depopulation, capable of determining inclusion processes, capable of involving all the cultural and social structures and resources of the territory, aiming at widening and diversifying the educational, cultural and social activities of the school community and beyond.