The collaboration and the involvement of the company with the institutions and organizations of the territory, stems from the awareness that the success of an company depends not from the various factors of production, but also from the effect it has on the territorial, social and cultural area in which it operates. For this reason the commitment of IWT-Iavarone Wood Technology Srl with the school world, like an investment for the younger generation.


For the school year 2015/2016, IWW IAVARONE WOOD TECHNOLOGY srl has hosted the "AM Maffucci Higher Education Institute" of Calitri (AV), for the activities of School-Work Alternation: intended as a new way of doing school in company and an opportunity to meet the world of work.


This project consists, in fact, in the implementation of a training course for students in the company structure, so as to facilitate the learning of work dynamics.


This collaboration, activated by the IWT - Iavarone Wood Technology Srl, involved 15 students of the III A of the artistic high school - design address "S. Scoca" of Calitri. Through the programmed training plan, the students were able to carry out a concrete and practical activity concerning the company's work processes in the wood sector.


The students, forming a real technical business team, were able to follow all the phases of the process of conception and development of an industrial product, with the involvement of the skills and professionalism of the tutors, both company and school.


The students were dedicated to the design of furniture / objects, to be realized mainly in wood, with particular attention to the functional aspect and technological integration.


They had the opportunity to get in touch with the production departments of wood manufacturing companies, located in the industrial core of Calitri and to receive specific information about the wood material , the descriptions of the semi-finished products and their use in the supply chain. Legno-Arredo and the types of processing, machinery, even thermal treatments carried out on the material.


There were also moments of research and analysis of the meaning of historical territorial identity: intended as an approach to planning; the topic about the study for naming a new product was discussed, a determining factor for a successful marketing strategy.


In the heart of the design activity, the students were involved in the design of the project: from the sketch to the digital representation, using specific 2D and 3D graphics software.