About Us

The "IWT - Iavarone Wood Technology srl", registered in the special section of the business register as Innovative Start Up - Law 221/2012 and smi, is active in the Bioeconomic sector where carries out activity of research , development, design, production and marketing of bio-sustainable structures and products.



Although young, thanks to the experience and knowledge of the wood industry, handed down for generations, we decided to focus on its use, for the creation of products born from the synergy between a natural and renewable resource such as wood and functionality. potentialities typical of new technologies.


We keep attention to the territorial reality where we operate, trying to take out its potential and enhance its resources; from this conception we cultivate a continuous dialogue and collaboration with the main associations and institutions present, like schools, municipalities and mountain communities.


We are active in the initiatives of the main regional and national contexts based on the bioeconomy, joining groups with whom we share global visions and objectives, like Cluster and AFI Italian Forestry Association.



Bioeconomy is the new paradigm for the development and welfare of humanity. The role of research and innovation in this sector and the dynamics that can derive from it are the key lever to develop its enormous potential and increase employment in the agricultural and forestry sectors and related industries.


From this the genesis of the main products, made and under development:




GSW - GREEN SOUND WOOD, realized, is a wooden loudhailer;


BLU - BEACH LUXURY UNIT, under development, is the project of a "floating bathing module";


EUTERPE - MUSIC ISLAND, under development, is an autonomous structure unit built for schools and / or institutes of all levels;


THE TECHNOLOGICAL GREENHOUSE, under development, conceived and designed in wood, to grow plants in indoor, constantly assisted mode;


THE INNOVATIVE BENCH, under development, is a sustainable, interactive and multimedia element for wooden furniture;


INNOVATIVE FURNITURE FOR DIDACTICS, under development, mainly in wood, with a high technological and innovative content.